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Berkshire Hospitality is a proven market leader in hotel bedding.
We guarantee our goods meet our time honored New England standards for quality.

Easy Care

Well crafted polyester bedding is inherently easy to care for, allowing for simple laundering either in-house or processed by a commercial laundry.

Cost Effective

Laundering our bedding will consume far less water and a fraction of the energy required to process traditional linens.
Save on energy costs while reducing handling time for housekeeping.


Our distribution centers in New England, Georgia, and California provide quick turnaround for delivery.
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Spoil your guests. Spare your budget.

Our team helps design and produce bedding with the highest standards of durability, softness and quality. Processing our products will save on energy costs while decreasing handling time for housekeeping staff. Please contact your preferred linen supplier for pricing & information on our products. Otherwise, to be connected with a distributor, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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Your team is dedicated to growing your business while ensuring customer satisfaction for every order.  You expect consistency in product quality, quick turnaround and reliability with any mill that you choose to do business with.  We share the same goals...

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We guarantee our products meet our time honored New England standards for quality.
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